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How to start an email marketing strategy

Successful email marketing strategies are about planning and structuring. Pounce Marketing is all about planning, structuring, and professionally executing it.

Here are some tips for you can guarantee a great response from the audience:

Establish your goals

Like any other marketing campaign, you need to know where the end line is.

Begin with some achievable but bold goals.

What do you want the most? Is it converting more leads that you attract? Is it creating brand awareness? Is it focusing on brand loyalty?

You can work on all of these points together. But each one of them needs its own plan and ways of measuring success.

Create your content

Your content plans need to be relevant and precise

Your emails need to be coherent with your buyer persona. They need a similar voice and style and must communicate in a way familiar to your audience. Writing emails for a campaign involves conversations, information, updates, and system messages. Don’t get frustrated it takes time to perfect the right email content plan and always requires adjustment.


Setup your triggers

With content ready, the next step is all about predicting the audience’s behaviour and setting up the structure accordingly.

Triggers are conditions that drive action.

If the lead visited a specific page on your page while logged, then the system sends them an email with a discount for the relevant item in the next 24 hours.

if no response an email can let the user know of new offers based on original interest. A trigger can be action based or time-based.

That’s why knowing your buyer persona is so important. You need to understand how they react to stimulation, how they engage with content, and what motivates their buying impulse.

The triggers will be the center of your strategy because email marketing doesn’t work as it should without some level of automation. Here are the Top 5 Email Verification Tools that can be used to boost up the marketing strategies.

Build your mailing list

An email marketing address list depending on the type of business usually starts with the ones you already have from login information, lead generation or promotional campaigns

A great way of doing that is by offering something in exchange for contact information.

For example, Interactive content, ezines, tutorials, rich data, and webinars are attractive material that grabs the persona’s attention and is valuable enough to make them willingly share info with you. It is advised to use self service identity management software which will enable the users, improve workflow, and empower productivity.

You need to build your list organically, looking for people who want to be contacted by you. The golden rule here is never to buy an email marketing list! Clean up your email list with an email validator from ZeroBounce.

Segment your mailing list

If you are doing it right, your company will have thousands of email addresses to feed the automated marketing campaign.

But you wouldn’t want to send the same content to all of them, right?

Some leads are yet in the discovery stage. They don’t even know for sure what they want. Others are about to make a buying decision. Another portion of them includes clients who are looking for a new discount.

So it is important to create segments within your list and different paths and triggers for each one.

That way, you can distribute your content right and be laser-focused with your message.


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