Using interactive content to create better customer data for your business

With recent privacy policy changes by big data players like Apple & Google, effectively targeting your true clientele will become more challenging.  There are simple yet strategic measures your business can take to establish its own, credible and effective database.  Marketing & sales teams can utilise these solutions to better engage customers, drive conversion, lower acquisition costs and make your business less reliant on big data.

Interactive Content

Interactive contents are dynamic experiences that encourage user participation in order to convey your message. this type of content gains a myriad of formats —  EZines, games, calculators, quizzes, and animated infographics, generating new possibilities for user interaction.  Interactive content emerged to provide a more exciting and fun approach for the consumer, given the vast amount of material they have to consume on the web.

Offering an interactive consumer experience instead of static content is the way to increase your engagement rates. This is the great benefit of interactive content, which becomes a solution in marketing. Content Marketing has grown so much that it has saturated consumers with many stimuli and posts on blogs and social networks, often lacking quality or relevance. With little room to attract this information-rich consumer, brands need creative ways to capture their attention. Interactive content solves this issue.

Engaging visitors and strengthening their relationship with the brand, interactive content encourages them to share their contact and other information and makes it easier to track their experience, generating essential insights to optimize your strategy.

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