Solution spotlight: Programmatic/Online advertising

Online advertising has been around for almost 26 years, yet it is still considered the new frontier in advertising due to its ever-evolving landscape and technology. Due to this frontier-style perception, it may be difficult to know what you can to rely on.

Programmatic Online advertising comprises of automating the process of ad buying for websites and apps across the Internet that are relevant to your targeting, ensuring the best possible location and price for the advertiser. This automation of the buying of online ads happens in real-time and in seconds!  The campaign is guided by the targeting selection; meaning that the right person will see your ad at the right time. This removes the guesswork and cuts out the noise of non-relevant ads to the customer.

With Programmatic Online Advertising you can choose from a limitless number of targeting parameters including but not limited to age, gender, social standing, consumer behaviour, interests, location and even favourite ice cream. The more relevant the targeting the better the results.

With Programmatic Online Advertising your ads can appear on websites, social media platforms, apps and search engine results, all for one cost. It is online advertising made simple.

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