Case Study

Discover Dominica


Following the devastating hurricane damage experience by Dominica in 2017, the tourism sector has begun to rebound and needs to re-introduce Brand Dominica as a tourism destination once again, focusing on its Natural beauty, eco- tourism, music festivals and more.

The Discover Dominica Tourism Authority planned to launch a Dominica Summer promotional campaign to target Regional tourist from other islands interested in a holiday getaways and events in Dominica. The Regional tourism sector is very competitive and the DDTA needed a far reaching awareness campaign with targeting messaging about Dominica, Sites of interest, accommodation specials etc for the Summer vacation period.


Trend Media developed a tailor made solution that only we could provide because of our unique regional reach for the Discover Dominica Tourism Authority. This strategy included a 360 digital approach that leveraged the amazing vista visuals and information targeted at the regional travel inclined consumer.

The Campaign ran from July 12th to August 31st 2018 and comprised strategic mix regionalĀ SMS text messages, Loop and Programmatic advertising.



200,000 to users across four markets (Antigua, Barbados, St.Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago)

  • 5,813 clicks
  • 16% CTR

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Targeted ad impressions delivered to regional users (Loop Cayman, Barbados, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago) depicting Dominica points of interest. Hiking, Beaches, Horseback riding, restaurants, snorkeling, waterfalls, sunsets

  • Impressions delivered 785,032
  • % delivered 105%
  • Clicks 1,943
  • CTR 0.25%

Each Loop Campaign received an impressive click through rate, all over the region standard for 0.09%.


Included targeted ads across the web and social media sites which Caribbean users frequent to ensure visibility and engagement.

  • Over 3 Million impressions delivered
  • CTR 1.32%
  • Paid Social
  • Over 1 million impressions
  • CTR 0.79%

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