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Mobile Solutions

With ongoing advancement in technology, there has been consistent growth in mobile device usage across the globe. Pair this with our mobile advertising strategy, and we’re able to achieve mass exposure and data targeting, in order to increase the advertising coverage to your target audience on any mobile device. We’re able to target users by behavior, geography, content or even by a specific mobile device.

reward programs

Mobile Advertising

Immersive digital advertising provides smartphone users with personalised, time and location-sensitive information so that they can get what they need, exactly when they need it, even while on the go. We leverage this extensive user base to deliver your brand messages through a variety of platforms, including reward programs, SMS and USSD that we customise to suit your business needs.

Omni Channel

Do you want to keep in touch with your customers? Do you want to engage with them more? We have a solution that allows our clients to create SMS and Email campaigns to inform and engage their customers. This solution allows for replies via both channels.

Tap Views

Video is where it’s at in the world of digital, but is your brand struggling to get views? TapView not only solves that problem, but delivers on your other KPIs.

It’s a unique product that guarantees at least the number video views you specify, plus opted-in leads via a combination of incentives and peer-to-peer WhatsApp sharing.

Loyalty & Reward Programs

In today’s crowded market, consumers have unrivaled choice: making them harder to reach, to acquire and to satisfy. You need a competitive advantage.

Mobile loyalty and redemption reward programs provide a 24/7 solution that empowers manufacturers to cultivate direct relationships with end-consumers; and powers digital transformation connecting internal business units from manufacturing to marketing to sales – whether they redeem on their mobile or using mobile vouchers at point-of-sale.

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