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Media Solutions

More than ever, there is an increase in demand for effective and efficient spend on media solutions. Fortunately for our customers, our strategic and programmatic approach delivers on both. This can help make ad buying more efficient and cost effective across a multitude of platforms and placements on the right websites and apps.

Programmatic & Paid Social

Do you want your brand to stand out in the competitive digital media space with highly targeted paid social advertising?

With near universal reach, our team of experts have perfected the skill of traffic navigation and can evaluate and adjust for better campaign performance during the campaign and after it has concluded. This is a cost-effective way for brands to drive awareness with minutely-tracked creative campaigns.


Wi-Fi Advertising

Capture more relevant customer data with our Wi-Fi advertising platform. Wi-Fi brings both brands and customers together, which means that clever brands will find a brilliant way of leveraging on this intersection to monetise your Wi-Fi investment, increase customer spend and grow brand loyalty.

Digicel TV

Advertise your brand on the Caribbean’s fastest growing Pay-TV network with a reach of over 500k viewers in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados! Digicel TV offers the most watched networks and prime time programming in every market for our clients advertising objectives using the latest formats.

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