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Managed Solutions

web portals

Managed Web Portals

We create highly customisable mini websites and provide a web portal to house your marketing communications, campaign executions, capture leads, or generate revenue. The opportunities are endless! Reach and engage your audience with maximum efficiency using our fully-managed solution that provides advertisers with dedicated account support and quality performance to ensure your campaign success.

Data Analytics

No guesswork to what we do. Our team will actively manage your advertising campaign performance, optimising based on your primary objectives, and produce reports to help you make smart, data-informed decisions. We develop actionable insights from your data, continuously learning from user and organisational activity to make smarter decisions and improve business results. Our team of business intelligence specialists and campaign managers will evaluate each campaign based on the initial objectives, industry benchmarks and customer behavior to provide recommendations and statistics that can support your business’ bottom line.

Market Research & Insights

We leverage digital tools to reach your audience and capture raw data. Our team can analyse this data to help your business make data-driven decisions about your brand and the market in which it operates. Accurate market research and insights can lead to decisions that improve the impact of any brand’s advertising and offerings. With over two million Loop users monthly and the ability to reach any person online with our programmatic solutions, we can generate strategic insights based on audience behavior and direct feedback.

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