Trend presents Omni Channel

Improving interactions with customers and end users leads to the challenge of implementing multi-channel communication tools and strategies. The key to success is reaching users across devices and communications channels – users with different habits, preferences, and location. Today, efficient consumer communications are mobile-first, and reaching and engaging end users means letting them choose the channel over which to interact.

Trend Media’s Omni-channel messaging solution enables companies to route their communication to different channels – SMS/2- Way SMS and email, – according to different scenarios. It helps you automate campaign workflows and prioritize channels within a single campaign. The Omni-channel solution allows you a seamless transition between communication channels in the way that suits you best!





Run professional SMS messaging campaigns to reach your audience over the most direct mobile communication channel in the world. Global coverage, large volumes, actionable insights.


E-mail remains one of the most widespread marketing channels, with a unique reach and engagement opportunities. Connect to our platform to enable mass e-mailing without the need for additional e-mail engines. Email allows you to create and manage Email campaigns, the client can monitor their campaigns, and track expenses. There is also the ability to send plain text emails and plan scheduling using portal campaigns.


Why Omni Channel

In addition to simple, multilevel or 2-Way campaign creation, Trend Media’s Omni Channel Portal is not only a one-stop shop for all our Omni Channel services, but grants access to deep, actionable analytics for all services, campaigns and user behavior.

The portal’s backend features one of the most powerful platforms in the world for managing and routing mobile communication. It is fully developed and maintained in-house, allowing us to better control and cater services to our clients’ needs.


User Management



The “Subscribers” module helps you easily manage your customer base in one place. The module can also be perceived as an address book of all your customers, which you can import from various lists or opt-in activities. In addition, it allows you to manage opt-outs and perform comprehensive subscriber segmentation.



A list is a specific group of subscribers to whom you plan to send a communication campaign. They help keep your subscribers organized and provide a more segmented approach to your activities.

You can filter subscribers based on many characteristics and then add them to new or existing Lists.

Automate your list database with Smart Lists or Blacklist. Smart Lists allow you to set your specific list rules (list parameters). This means Smart Lists do not have fixed subscribers, but are automatically refreshed with new ones that match your criteria. Blacklist is an opt-out feature of the module.



Categories help with easy organization of your lists. A category can have multiple lists of subscribers that are typically related. This allows you to easily find related lists and send customized communication to different segments of customers, via preferred channels.


Detailed reporting

Reporting is a central place where you can monitor, analyze and get performance reports for all your campaigns. It provides a comprehensive and actionable data around all of your communication activities with Trend Media Omni Channel. This insight results in better productivity, increased effectiveness with future campaigns, and with getting a real-time finger on the pulse of your consumers. To better organize and manage your reports, you can utilize sorting, filtering and searching features.



Logs are designed as a quick search through your communication logs over any desired period. You can search logs by:

  • Accounts
  • Service type: Sent Messages (SMS MT), Received Messages (SMS MO), Number Lookup,
  • And Filter by: to, from, message ID or campaign name


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