Creating effective call to action buttons that grab attention and entice clicks. These are the best practices for effective buttons.

  •  Banner includes logo and CTA. It is recommended for the banner to have a brand logo on the left and CTA on the right.
  • CTA should be short and direct.
  • Action should be clear. Users should know what to expect.
  • Placement and size of Buttons should be prominent to show importance over other elements.
  • Button colors should contrast from background elements to stand out.
  • Don’t have too many buttons! Keep it simple. It is recommended to only have 2 actionable buttons per page and click-throughs to external content on final page.
  • It’s better to guide user through the ad experience than give them too many choices and lose them.
  • Make sure social media icons are button-like. Using icons alone is not efficient enough as users may not think they are tappable.